Artículo Preventive Analgesia

Pregabalin group (PGB) is an antiepileptic used to treat neuropathic pain. We evaluated analgesic efficacy and safety for postoperative/chronic pain, disability, and sleep quality in patients who underwent spine surgery administered with PGB, or not, during the presurgical and postsurgical periods.
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Artículo ALA

Background Fluorescence-guided microsurgical resections of high-grade gliomas using 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) is superior to conventional microsurgery. An optical device, usually a modified microscope, is needed for these procedures. However, an exoscope may be implemented for fluorescence techniques. We present the use of an exoscope to perform tumor resection guided by 5-ALA fluorescence in 21 consecutive […]

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Artículo Fluor biopsy

La introducción de la resección guiada por fluorescencia permite una mejor identificación del tejido tumoral y su resección más radical. Describimos nuestra experiencia con un exoscopio modificado para detectar la emisión fluorescente del 5-ALA (acido aminolevulínico) en cirugía cerebral asistida con neuronavegación o en biopsias de tumores cerebrales.

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Artículo JN Pediatrics

A shortage of neurosurgeons and a lack of knowledge of neuroendoscopic management of hydrocephalus limits modern care in sub-Saharan Africa. Hence, a mobile teaching project for endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) procedures and a subsequent program to develop neurosurgery as a permanent specialty in Kenya and Zanzibar were created and sponsored by the Neurosurgery Education and […]

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